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Beluga Wail

A Beluga Wail

This is a blog not really about anything in particular and reservedly can be about anything. That said, being a musician, it does heavily feature music, art, aesthetic rants and inaccurate assumption-based mathematics being used to explain intangible things in the world.

In terms of rants, my arguments are are usually designed to counter the equally disdainful and yet strikingly un-passionate mediocrity and stagnation that pervades much classical AND contemporary classical music: fields I inhabit but fundamentally detest, like a cow in an electric enclosure.

Also, if you like sharks and believe they are friendly, peace-loving creatures go and try swimming with a hungry specimen. I won’t by any means condone mindless killing of these mindless killing machines, but will not, repeat, not go into water they inhabit under any circumstances, nor have the slightest sympathy for anyone attacked by a shark (of their own free will … boat accident victims and professional ocean-workers are exempt). Sharks are unlike other dangerous critters such as lions, pumas and bears – which we encounter naturally in our day-to-day lives – and thus we have only ourselves to blame for encountering them…

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy these musings.


If you actually want to know what I really do, go to:


36 thoughts on “About (Semantic Blog Constitution)

    • Thanks Helena! Actually, I meant to say ‘using my own secondary school maths skills to explain the world.’ But now I see it can be interpreted two ways! I’ll change that right now! πŸ˜€

  1. Perhaps you have a post about the two legged sharks? Amusing, I shall have to read more…

    Thanks for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  2. Thanks Semantic (or should I be less informal and call you Mr Marmot, as we haven’t been properly introduced. You made me laugh out loud………..but then i wondered where you live to encounter lions pumas and bears on a daily basis (lucky you!) are you perhaps musician in residence at a wildlife sanctuary, hired to soothe the savage beast? In which case, shouldn’t you (or someone similiar) be hired to perform the same function in shark infested waters, for the health and safety of swimmers?

    • Many thanks! I’m actually in the UK at the moment, so encountering land carnivores is more of a very hypothetical shared-humanity experience. I don’t think they even have animals here. 😦 If my german shepherd is anything to go by music is definitely not going to be doing any soothing!

  3. Sometimes I see the shade of extreme brightness in your work and I envy that. Sharks do what sharks do and therefore they are unpredictable only to a point. When they are hungry they eat. The most savage creature of them all is man, who will eat just with no real need. Man is the crueler creature for some actually get a delight from being cruel. Who would you like to go swimming with, sharks or man? With one you get eaten and with the other you get sued. GULP. Just my sense of humor on a dry day.

  4. hey there!

    Thank you for following my blog a few wks ago! I just wanna share with you that I have recently changed host (nearly died along the way πŸ™‚ ) and if you like, please come again to my blog and you can type in your email address as with the change in host from wordpress, new posts will not get delivered to your email address like the last time.

    So if you like posts to get delivered to your email address like the past, you have to type in your email again. It only appears in your reader now, so if that works for you, then it is ok.

    thank you

  5. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing more of yours. I love the piano and I’ve always said that if all the years I spent at a typewriter keyboard could have been spent at a piano keyboard, I might be making beautiful music now! Ah, well. As for sharks, since I live in Florida, I’m surrounded by shark infested oceans! But that’s okay, because I don’t go in the ocean either. Just give me a swimming pool where I can see what’s in there with me! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Philip. Thank you for visiting and following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    I learned piano in Australia until I was 11 and was apparently quite good. Ha! Puberty was stronger than my love of music πŸ™‚ Just wanted to go play with my friends and hated practising scales. Wish my mum hadn’t gone and sold the piano – I probably would have come back to it on my own terms later.

  7. Thanks for your follow. I will enjoy exploring your blog. My teenager is doing his Grade 6 exam in piano soon, I love to hear him play. It’s a weakness of mine, he hasn’t figured it out yet though πŸ˜‰

  8. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. You have interesting blog and I look forward to read your stories. I hope, you will enjoy mine sometimes too.

  9. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and following my blog! Looking forward to future posts from you here and on your other blog as well πŸ™‚
    (also, it may just be me, but I believe the link to your other blog at the end of this post may be broken. I did manage to find it though!)

  10. Hi Phil, thank you for stopping by to follow my blog. I also enjoyed exploring your blog and your website while listening to the music – and I like sharks ;). Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.
    Greetings from NYC

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