Strumpy, Banjolike.

I am sitting at my desk. I am eating the porridge that I have made, but it is a bit bland. But neither of these things worries me in the slightest because I am listening to the music of Percy Grainger.

Once when he was teaching at a music camp in America he decided to form a student club called ‘Grainger’s Rangers.’ He was quite an athlete and the entrance test was to jump up onto a high stage in a single bound, as he proved could be done.

The problem with this concept however, was that musicians are often indoor-sy people and no-one there could achieve the feat. So he remained the only member.

Musicians: 'Because Vitamin D also comes in tablet form.'

I was alarmed that I could not find any reference to this story on the internet. Though I believe I read it in a book, in this day and age it feels like that if it cannot be googled, it does not exist. Hence this post. It has now been cemented into fact. Or folk lore. Or whatever.

There were no such issues finding Power Rangers sheet music en route however. *Frowns on Western civilisation*

Depiction of the Boston Tea Party, 1773.

Further to this argument, did you realise that we produce Vitamin D as a reaction to sunlight? As in we photosynthesise! Like plants. Good for the skeleton et al. However, the naked mole rat seems to spend most of its time underground, and is quite deficient in Vitamin D, but regardless is the longest lived rodent AND is highly resistant to cancer AND does not feel pain. They are fascinating critters! Go and read about them. You know they exist because they’re on Wikipedia.

1 thought on “Strumpy, Banjolike.

  1. I heard this exact story (from an old conductor) while attending the Interlochen Music Camp in Michigan in the late 1980s.

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