Painting con moto et al.

I thought it may be slightly relevant yet self-indulgent to include here some paintings and such that I do from time to time. Maybe gradually though, and with explanations for two reasons.

A) To prompt me to do more painting in order to keep up with this.

B) To have more posts.

So here is the first instalment, largely at random:


The House of the Seven Gables. (2010) Ink on paper.

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s relatively-well-known-in-America story: The House of The Seven Gables (1851) is well worth a read. But if you’re lazy/time poor and yet slightly curious you can read a synopsis here. Basically it’s about fundamental guilt and the Salem Witch Trials and whatnot. It’s not about architecture as such. A gable is the triangular part under the roof. You can see four such gables here. One can only assume there are three more elsewhere.

But you can do more than assume! Not only is the story loosely autobiographical, but the house itself actually exists! Hence the painting based on the following photograph.

Original Photograph

I had to read the story as background reading to my masters research (on Ives – the ‘Hawthorne’ movement of the Concord Sonata), and was just starting out experimenting in ink at the time. So it seemed more appropriate to use it in more of a landscape painting then the portraiture I’d been attempting up until then. Ink is not the most forgiving medium, but can be very effective at times, similarly to watercolours I guess. It is no doubt a travesty to be using it for photo-realism purposes, but I was pleasantly surprised on showing it to my piano teacher and his wife that they told me that their house was inspired by this style of…. house (abode for variation), from their visits to America.

Also, it was originally intended as a quick piece to let me ‘finish’ something as I had a couple of longer-term works to do at the time. Sadly it became evident it was also a bigger project than I had anticipated so I had to resort to the following, which was done in one sitting:


Fucia/Green Tyrannosaur. (2010) Ink on Paper.

Of course, this is not biologically accurate, as we now know Tyrannosaurs held their tails horizontally.


A more accurate, but less cheerful specimen.

But I am not so concerned as art is apparently all about expression and imagination. Is it not?!

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