Quick! Random Topic.

*Googles “Random Topic”*

Went through a few topics and settled on “flossing”


Right. I rarely floss. Maybe only occasionally, and especially when I eat an orange or some other like-minded fruit. Celery may also qualify.

Imagine my horror when I went to the dentist a few years ago and he asked me if I flossed in a suspicious tone of voice. I felt guilty so I said I did. Regularly. And at this he brightened and said “I knew it! You have good teeth. It’s amazing how big a difference it makes.”

I think I may have skewed his research. Then again I imagine a lot of people would say the same. Perhaps dentists only think flossing has that big an impact because people are afraid to admit they don’t.

Personally I don’t enjoy inserting a wire into my gums, often until they bleed, unless it is absolutely necessary to forcibly remove a foreign object. (See above).

Sometimes I’ll do it out of guilt. But these occasions are random and usually far apart.

What inspired the term ‘Floss’?

Gosh, I love being able to find this out via the internet.


Origins of the word Floss: “rough silk,” 1759, perhaps from Fr. floche “tuft of wool” (16c.), from O.Fr. floc “tuft, lock,” from L. floccus “tuft of wool.

Well. Now we know.

You’re welcome.